HMD Smartphones
HMD Pulse and HMD Pulse+

Elevate your customers’ communications with the HMD Pulse and HMD Pulse+

Your customers deserve a smartphone that doesn’t break the bank but still delivers top-notch performance and reliability. Introducing the new HMD Pulse and Pulse+, now available from Data Select at a competitive price range. These smartphones redefine the standard for affordability, performance, and repairability, making them the perfect choice for your business customers.


Smooth performance, affordable price

Gone are the days when your customers had to sacrifice performance for affordability. The HMD Pulse series perfectly balances power and price, ensuring smooth operation without burning a hole in your customers’ pockets. With extended memory features, these smartphones can handle multiple apps seamlessly, enabling your customer’s business to run smoothly by ensuring they can stay connected, manage tasks, and access information without any lag.


Extended battery life for uninterrupted productivity1

Your customers can say goodbye to constant charging anxiety with the HMD Pulse series. With up to 59 hours of battery life per charge, your customers can rely on these smartphones to keep up with their busy schedules without constantly searching for a charger. They’ll enjoy uninterrupted productivity and communication throughout the day.

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Convenient contactless
payments with NFC

Imagine your customer leaving their wallet at home. No problem. The HMD Pulse series comes equipped with NFC technology, allowing them to make seamless contactless payments with their favourite payment apps. This convenience ensures that your customers can feel at ease, knowing that they always have a secure and convenient payment method at hand.


DIY repairability for peace of mind

Accidents happen, but repairing a smartphone shouldn’t be a hassle. With the HMD Pulse series, your customers can easily repair their device at their office with step-by-step guides and spare parts available from the HMD Repair Hub. From replacing a damaged display to fixing a depleted battery, empower them to keep their device in top condition. This DIY repairability feature gives your customers a sense of empowerment, knowing that they can take control of their device’s maintenance.

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Exceptional camera capabilities for
stunning shots

They can capture every moment in stunning detail with the HMD Pulse+ and its 50 MP rear camera. With AI HDR and skin tone optimisation, every shot is a masterpiece, even in challenging lighting conditions. Your customers can elevate their content creation and communication with high-quality images that speak volumes.

Elevate your customers’ communications
with the HMD Pulse Series

From seamless multitasking to extended battery life and exceptional camera capabilities, the HMD Pulse series offers everything a modern business needs in a smartphone. Whether they’re a small start-up or a large corporation, these affordable, powerful, and repairable devices are designed to keep your business running smoothly without breaking the bank. Partner with Data Select today and empower your customers with the future of business communication.


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HMD Pulse

HMD Pulse strikes the perfect balance between affordability, performance and repairability. And with a look this premium, no-one will guess the low price-tag.


HMD Pulse+

HMD Pulse+ takes quality snaps with ease and lets your customers multitask like a pro. All without the hefty price tag.


1. The battery testing was conducted using a real-life usage test by HMD Global. The test included active usage of a device for 5 hours per day with a new battery. Usage included e.g. gaming, video streaming, calling, sending SMS, browsing and using apps (such as social media, news, navigation and music). The test was conducted with normal device settings in a lit indoor environment. The device was left on standby overnight.

Battery has been tested by HMD Global to maintain at least 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles.

Why just offer the latest HMD Pulse devices, when you can provide a complete B2B solution?

Mobile Device Management (MDM/EMM)

MDM/EMM gives your customers visibility and management over their mobile assets. This ensures compliant usage, spend and security.



Commercial, compliance, and environmental advantages to assist you in supporting your customers.


Managed Services

We provide professional recommendation as well as Managed Services for MDM deployments.


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