HMD Nokia T21 Tablet

Unleashing Efficiency and Mobility for Enterprises

In the dynamic landscape of business mobility, the Nokia T21 tablet from HMD emerges as a transformative force, delivering unparalleled efficiency and mobility for your customers. This update delves into the unique features of this tablet, emphasising its durability, extended battery life, security updates, and active pen support. Discover how it triumphantly transforms the way your enterprise customers operate.

Versatility for Every Setting:

The Nokia T21 tablet is designed to excel in various environments, be it at home, in the office, or anywhere in between. Offering superior performance, durability, and an array of features, it stands out as one of the best in its class, catering to diverse needs from work to learning or entertainment.

Durable Build and Extended Battery Life:

Built with durability in mind, this tablet ensures longevity and robustness. With up to 3 days of battery life, this tablet is a reliable companion that stays powered through extended work hours, providing uninterrupted efficiency.

Security for the Long Run:

Security is paramount in business, and it doesn’t compromise. Boasting 3 years of monthly security updates ensures that your customers’ sensitive business data remains protected. This commitment to security reflects its suitability for long-term use.

Creative Potential with Active Pen Support:

Your customers can unleash their creativity with the active pen support, compatible with Wacom WGP and Wacom Active ES™ 2.0 pen technology. Your customers can sketch out ideas, jot down notes, or create masterpieces effortlessly, adding a new dimension to productivity.

Multifunctional Collaboration:

The tablet serves as a versatile communication hub, facilitating HD video calling, voice calling, and SMS capabilities. With the Nokia T21, your customers can seamlessly connect with work colleagues, friends, and family, consolidating communication channels into one device.

Entertainment at Its Best:

Taking a break is equally important, and this tablet excels in entertainment features. Users can enjoy HD streaming for videos, complemented by stereo speakers with OZO Playback, delivering up to 96 decibels in volume. It not only looks great but sounds equally impressive.

The Nokia T21 NFC tablet from HMD triumphs as a transformative tool for enterprises, redefining business mobility and efficiency. With its durability, extended battery life, security updates, and creative potential, it is a versatile device that caters to the diverse needs of modern businesses. Enable your customers to embrace the future of business mobility.

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Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC. 1. The 3-day battery testing was conducted using a real life usage test by HMD Global. The test included active usage of a device for 5 hours per day with a new battery. Usage included e.g. gaming, video streaming, calling, sending sms, browsing and using apps (such as social media, news, navigation and music). The test was conducted with normal device settings in a lit indoor environment. The device was left on standby overnight. Battery has been tested by HMD Global to maintain at least 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles. 2. From the global launch date of Nokia T21. 3. Active pen not included. Compatible with third party active pens using WGP and AES 2.0 technology.

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