Android Enterprise Approved

Unveiling the Benefits for Secure and Efficient Business Use

Broadest Choice, Legendary Dependability

HMD boasts the broadest range of Android Enterprise Recommended devices. Under the Nokia brand, this extensive choice of devices ensures that your customers can find the perfect solution for their needs, regardless of their business sector. All backed by the legendary dependability of one of Europe’s leading smartphone brands.

Improving Mobility for Modern Business

With a diverse array of Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones and tablets, HMD is dedicated to improving mobility for modern business. Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, or any other industry, they provide devices that meet your customers varied business needs.

Sleek Nordic Design, Sustainable Practices

Nokia smartphones seamlessly blend sleek Nordic design with cutting-edge Android features. Beyond aesthetics, these devices align with the growing push towards more sustainable practices. Affordable, reliable, and eco-conscious, they redefine the standards for business devices.

Extended Security Updates

Security is a paramount concern in the business world. HMD phones receive two to three years of monthly security updates, providing double the security coverage compared to competitors. Moreover, their data centres in Finland adhere to stringent European data protection laws, ensuring data security.

Built to Last for a Sustainable Future

The philosophy at HMD revolves around sustainability. The longer devices last, the less impact they have on the planet. Their phones are built to endure, passing rigorous product testing and staying updated with two to three years of Android upgrades, exceeding industry standards.

Android Enterprise Recommended

Devices earn the Android Enterprise Recommended badge through rigorous adherence to Google’s enterprise requirements. This badge is not just a mark; it’s an assurance for your customers, guaranteeing regular security updates. Setting up shop on their mobile device becomes a decision backed by a commitment to security and efficiency.

Upgradable Software for Longevity

Whichever Android Enterprise Recommended device suits your customer’s requirement, they receive two to three years of Android software upgrades and monthly security updates. Additionally, a fourth year of security patches is available as a service on selected devices. This dedication to upgradability ensures businesses can operate efficiently with the latest technology.

Android Enterprise Approved solutions redefine the standards for business devices. From security updates to sustainability, the Android advantage is evident in every aspect, making HMD the go-to choice for businesses aiming for secure, efficient, and future-proof solutions.

When it comes to enterprise solutions, they stand out from the crowd, HMD has an extensive selection of Android Enterprise Recommended devices.

Why just offer the latest HMD devices, when you can provide a complete B2B solution?

Mobile Device Management (MDM/EMM)

MDM/EMM gives your customers visibility and management over their mobile assets. This ensures compliant usage, spend and security.



Commercial, compliance, and environmental advantages to assist you in supporting your customers.


Managed Services

We provide professional recommendation as well as Managed Services for MDM deployments.


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