HAMMER 5 Smart | Now your customers can do even more

HAMMER 5 Smart is a unique, classic phone that offers LTE, GPS and WhatsApp mobile applications. It features an IP68-certified, dust-and water-resistant housing and the largest battery among the brand’s phones. Now your customers can do even more!


Smartphone functions

HAMMER 5 Smart is powered by KaiOS, so your customers can use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Maps navigation. For additional head to the KaiOS Store.

Use the full LTE potential

Your customers can stay online and enjoy browsing the web with LTE. And with Wi-Fi Hotspot they can use their phone as a mobile router.

Mighty Battery

The 5 Smart features a very long operating time per charge cycle thanks to a removable battery with a capacity of up to 2,500 mAh. In practice, this means up to 12 hours of continuous conversation.

Your customers will get away with just about anything

Your customers don’t have to worry about unforeseen rain or ubiquitous dust anymore. HAMMER emerges victorious even in the most difficult situations, and its resistance is confirmed by IP68 certification.*

*Resistance tested when immersed in water to a depth of 1.5 m for 30 min. with closed USB and mini-jack sockets.

Ultra strength

5 Smart is unlike any other. Its muscular shape and reinforced construction is a promise of solidity and above-average resistance to falls. Features confirmed by a 1.2 m drop test.

Spacious display

HAMMER 5 Smart is perfect for difficult, demanding conditions. Can be operated with one hand, while still staying handy and comfortable in use.

Reliable Camera

Thanks to this tough device, your customers can take pictures where other phones won’t manage. Work, capture the results of their efforts and upload them to WhatsApp, Facebook!

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