Pixel Call Assist

Cutting Through the Noise with Pixel Call Assist

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient communication is crucial for success. Google Pixel Call Assist offers AI-powered features to streamline business calls, reduce hold times, and enhance the caller experience. Let’s explore how Pixel Call Assist transforms business communications for the better.

// Pixel Wait Times

Shorten Hold Times and Navigate Automated Systems

Get insights into expected hold times based on businesses’ average call lengths; this ensures your customers will be prepared for efficient communication. Share call duration information to contribute to improving wait time accuracy.

Direct My Call: Skip lengthy automated voice prompts with Pixel Direct My Call. Google Assistant displays call menu options on the screen, allowing your customers to directly dial the department they need without hassle.

// Pixel Hold for Me

Streamlining Call Management and Screening

Your customers can say goodbye to hold music with Pixel Hold for Me. Let Google Assistant wait on hold for them and receive a notification once someone is ready to speak, ensuring they never miss important calls.

Pixel Call Screening: Filter out spam calls and unknown numbers effortlessly with Pixel Call Screening. Google Assistant acts as a personal call screener, providing transcribed responses and giving your customers control over which calls to accept or decline.

// Pixel Assist Me

Elevate Business Communications with
Pixel Call Assist

Pixel Call Assist revolutionises business communications, offering efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind. Whether navigating automated systems or managing incoming calls, Pixel Call Assist empowers your customers to streamline their communications and stay focused on what matters most to their business.



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