Small business owners are pulled in lots of different directions.

Google helps them save time and money and makes their workday a little easier.

Pixel and Chromebook – Stay focused and save time.

  • Manage schedules with calendars and to-do lists, synced across devices.
  • Reduce interruptions with Work Profiles, Focus Mode, and Do Not Disturb.
  • Save time with Google Assistant, Wi-Fi assistant, home screen widgets.
  • Use work and home profiles to keep work life separate, and easily turn off work notifications during evenings, weekends, and breaks.
  • Recorder transcribes meeting notes.1
  • Live translation with Lens.2

Google Workspace – All work files, always available.

  • Share files and calendars, organised and easy to find with fast search.
  • Keep using existing Microsoft Office documents.
  • Work together with colleagues and external contacts on a single document. All changes save automatically.
  • See the changes others are making, and communicate in real-time through Chat and comments.
  • Save time and thought with Smart Compose and Formula Acceleration.

Nest – All work files, always available.

  • Display reminders, upcoming meetings, directions, answers, and more.
  • Join video meetings from the display, leaving the laptop free for notes and work.3
  • Control compatible smart devices, such as lights, TVs and thermostats.4

Android Enterprise Essentials – Manage devices and data.

  • Simple UI makes management easy.
  • Remote set up of devices.
  • Managed Google Play.

1 Transcription and search are available in English only.
2 For available Google Lens languages, go to Some Lens features require an Internet connection.
3 Zoom subscription may be required. Personalised results for up to six users, requires additional enrollment and setup. To make video calls and leave video messages, Google Duo accounts required for you and call recipient.
4 Requires an Internet connection, Google account and compatible smart devices. 

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