Enhance Business Safety with Google Pixel's Advanced Features

Personal safety is paramount in today’s fast-paced world, especially for busy business professionals constantly on the move. Google Pixel phones offer a range of cutting-edge safety features designed specifically to address the unique safety concerns of business professionals. These features are not only advanced but also intuitive, making them easy to use even in high-pressure situations. Let’s delve into how Pixel’s advanced safety features ensure peace of mind for your customers.


Explore with Confidence

Whether attending business meetings in unfamiliar cities or embarking on solo trips for professional engagements, safety remains a top priority for business travellers.

With Pixel’s Emergency SOS feature in the Personal Safety app1, users can call for help swiftly by pressing the power button on their phone or watch crown multiple times.

This initiates an emergency call and shares vital information with designated contacts, ensuring assistance arrives promptly in critical situations such as medical emergencies, physical threats, or other urgent situations.


Get a Heads-up About Emergencies

Pixel phones take personal safety a step further by providing proactive alerts about imminent natural disasters or emergencies through Crisis Alerts.

These notifications, sourced from local governments, inform users about floods, fires, tornadoes, and more, enabling them to take timely precautions and ensure their safety.

Your customers may have employees around the globe, so with Pixel’s Earthquake Alert System, they can receive early warnings during seismic activity, empowering them to take expedient steps towards safety.

Allowing Your Customers to Go About
Their Day with Peace of Mind


Google Pixel Watch


Pixel watches equipped with Fall Detection capabilities offer an added layer of safety for business professionals. In the event of a hard fall, Pixel Watch 2 immediately checks the user’s well-being and contacts emergency services if necessary, ensuring swift assistance during accidents or incapacitation. Moreover, Pixel phones feature car crash detection2, automatically notifying emergency services and their designated contacts in the event of an accident, along with sharing real-time location details for immediate aid, providing them with a sense of security.

Google Pixel phones prioritise user safety with advanced safety features tailored to business users. From emergency SOS calls to natural disaster alerts and fall detection capabilities, Pixel ensures that help is always within reach, offering peace of mind for professionals navigating their daily activities.


Pixel safety features continually improve over time through regular Feature Drops3. These drops introduce new safety features, enhance existing ones, and ensure that Pixel phones are always up to date with the latest safety standards.

Crash Alerts

Pixel phones use advanced sensors and AI to detect car accidents in real-time, automatically alerting emergency services for swift response.

Crisis Alerts

Crisis Alerts on Pixel phones notify users about impending natural disasters or emergencies, ensuring timely awareness and response.

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1. Personal Safety app features are dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas. For more information, please see

2. Car crash detection is not available in all languages or countries. Car crash detection may not detect all accidents. High-impact activities may trigger calls to the emergency services. This feature is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas. For country and language availability and more information see

3. Your Pixel will generally receive Feature Drops during the applicable Android update and support periods for the phone. See for details. Availability of some Feature Drops may vary.

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