The best of Google innovation.

Your customers can bring together the best of Google innovation for their business, with the powerful Google Pixel 6 series and easy-to-use mobile device management, provided by Android Enterprise Essentials.

Without additional software or interface elements, users will enjoy a seamless Android™ experience with the reassurance that devices and data are protected, out of the box. They will be the first to receive updates that happen in the background with no interruptions, enjoy peace of mind with enhanced security, and be able to work quickly and efficiently with the power to manage a fleet of mobile devices effortlessly.


Simplicity, right out of the box

With the Google Pixel 6 series and Android Enterprise Essentials, your customers can easily and efficiently deploy and manage multiple corporate-owned devices.

The Pixel 6 series and Android Enterprise Essentials offers them enhanced control with the ability to manage applications as well as set up customised configurations with enhanced security features.

Zero-touch enrolment

With Android Enterprise Essentials your customers can deploy corporate-owned Pixel devices in bulk using zero-touch enrolment without having to manually set up each device.

Application management and customised configurations

Business owners can select, purchase, and manage apps for their organisation with Managed Google Play, and decide which apps can be installed on corporate devices. They can also utilise a wide range of available management APIs that makes it possible to enforce network configurations and policies, letting them customise the deployment for their business.

Android Enterprise Recommended

As part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program, Pixel 4a has been verified by Google to meet enterprise-grade requirements for performance, consistency, and security updates.

Just open the box, and the phones are ready to go with management, apps, and configurations all set, reducing the need for initial support<sup>1</sup>

Affordable, value for money

With the Pixel 6 series and Android Enterprise Essentials your customers will have access to effortless device management and essential business features from Google, for a lot less than they’d expect.

Pixel integrates all your customers’ favourite Google services, from Gmail to Docs to Hangouts, and supports all their favourite third-party apps like Microsoft Office and Slack2.

The Pixel 6 series also includes Google Assistant, the fast and easy way to get things done3. Your customers can use it to control their phone, send texts, set reminders, and access their favourite apps.

Android Enterprise Essentials offers affordable protection for your customers’ mobile devices and data. New devices are added automatically after purchasing and there is no training or additional resources required.

Helpfulness: built for businesses, designed with your customers in mind

With both the Google Pixel 6 series and Android Enterprise Essentials your customers can enjoy powerful features with an easy to use experience.

Pixel provides an immediate entry point to all the helpful experiences Google has to offer; combined with Android Enterprise Essentials that is applied automatically and managed with ease.

Android Enterprise Essentials has streamlined remote setup of devices at time of purchase.

Your customers’ policies are enforced automatically with no user intervention necessary allowing employees to get working right away. Remote setup. Easy management. There’s no need to manually activate each device; just purchase devices and power them on.

Security built-in, applied automatically

With the Pixel 6 series and Android Enterprise Essentials your customers can rest assured their device and data is safe.

With Pixel, your customers have the latest innovations in device security from Google’s hardware and software, like updates5 and the Titan M2™ security chip. The Pixel 6 series also comes with Biometric security with the Pixel Imprint which helps protect your customer’s device.

Google’s Security Services scans billions of apps daily to protect your customers’ devices.

Essentials is designed and built by the Android team at Google, guided by their deep experience creating secure and helpful solutions for organisations. They’ve put the needs and realities of small- to medium-sized businesses first to create a streamlined set of security and management defaults at a price that won’t break the bank.

Features include:

  • Remotely wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Enforce a screen lock
  • Ensure persistent policies even if a device is factory reset
  • Malware protection that’s always running in the background
  • Prevent sideloading of apps

1) Requires an enterprise mobility management provider supporting fully managed devices. Managed devices must be purchased through enterprise resellers or Google partners. See for more details on Android Enterprise solutions.

2) Requires download of additional apps (sold separately).

3) See for country and language availability and Google Account requirements.

5) Android version updates for at least 3 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the U.S. See for details.

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