Android zero‑touch enrolment

Zero-touch offers a seamless deployment method for corporate-owned Android devices making large-scale roll-outs fast, easy and secure for organisations, IT and employees.

Zero-touch makes it simple to configure devices online and have them shipped with enforced management so employees can open the box and get started.

Powering the world's workers

Data Select is unique in Telecoms and IT Distribution in that it has a dedicated, specialist and experienced Mobility Solutions team to help support our channels with mobile device management

As device management applications evolve we need to add the deployment methods and broad device choices to be considered, resulting in an increasing mix of solutions

Methods are now available that significantly reduce deployment times and touchpoints and enhance further capabilities for businesses whilst reducing costs

It is also important to understand the extension of standards from Google with Android Enterprise

Zero-touch is an enabling tool to provision MDM titles such as SOTI

“Android Enterprise Recommends” is a further standard set out by Google to OEMs to allow devices to be enrolled as a Zero-touch device. Currently, the list of approved devices includes SKUs from Google, Huawei, HTC, Sony, BlackBerry, Honor and OnePlus on Android Oreo. Vendors that now support Android Enterprise would guarantee seamless deployment on SOTI for example.

Zer0-touch is not currently supported on Samsung devices

In order to make use of Zero-touch, the end customer will need to have an account set up and a list of IMEIs uploaded. This can be undertaken by Data Select or we can enable a reseller to do this

Data Select can provide guidance on the deployment and enrolment of enterprise devices using Zero-touch.

For further details on Zero-touch and Android Enterprise deployments please contact:

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