Feature Phones

Confidence under pressure. Uncompromising performance, no matter how tough the demands your customers face.

Featuring IP68 and IP69 ingress protection and hygiene plus innovation.

Work smart – hold strong – stay connected

Introducing the Cat B40, the industrial-strength, professional-grade, military spec, 4G LTE feature phone. Easy-to-use talk and text, non-slip frame, glove-friendly push buttons, alpha-numeric keypad, a super bright torch and ample battery.

It can withstand drops, extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. The phone is dust, water and steam-proof too. Whether your customers are working in the field or managing remotely, they’ll have peace of mind that they can stay safe and connected when it counts. Perfect business sense for any company wanting to distribute multiple handsets to its staff.

Professional choice – Confidence under pressure

The Cat B40 Embodies the tough honesty of the cat brand. Out on the job your customers don’t have time to mess around. It’s reassuring to know the B40 won’t let them down.

Deliberately, this phone is NOT packed with complex features; This phone is simply about calls and texts under pressure and getting the job done each and every time. A physical keypad makes it easier to use with gloves or when wet, a loud speakerphone, a bright torch and an ample battery that won’t suddenly need charging when deep in the field, all mean your customers won’t have to worry. These features leave them free to focus on doing what they do best. Accidentally drop it on concrete from as high as 1.8m or drown it in water for half an hour, and it will still work the way your customers want it to.

Beyond Rugged – Industrial Strength, Professional-Grade, Military Specification

Uncompromising performance & rock-solid reliability, no matter how tough the demands your customer’s face. The Cat B40 comes with an IP68 and IP69 ingress rating which is unique for a feature phone at this price. What’s tough about this phone? Plenty. Accidentally drop it and it’s going to bounce, drop it in water or powerwash and, it will keep ongoing.

Hygiene Plus

For the first time, all external components of this product have been blended with silver ion-based antimicrobial additive for exceptional Germ Defence (ISO22196) keeping your customers, their colleagues and their family safe.

Like all Cat phones, the B40 can be easily and repeatedly cleaned without damage. It is fully waterproof so can be submerged and scrubbed with soaps and disinfectants. It is bleach and chemical resistant (sanitiser friendly) and due to its touch form function, has absolutely no need for a case that trap and accumulate germs.

Combined with the ability to regularly clean and sanitize the device, this antimicrobial treatment sets a new standard in hygienic phone design.


The Cat B40 boasts an impressive multi-day battery life that means re-charging won’t be a worry, even during long remote workdays.


Home to a powerful torch. Front-facing, super-bright 100+ lumen torch lending your customers a helping hand when it’s needed most.


The Cat B40 runs on 4G LTE networks for fundamental dependability and is future-proofed with 4G tech.

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