European logistics.

We have selected the ideal location to support a comprehensive European logistics network for our European growth.

Netherlands DC overview.

Although our UK facility is capable of handling our European requirements, we have decided to invest in a European facility that optimises efficiency and service capacity for our network and customers.

Facility and transport network optimisation.

The new facility is situated on the Vossenberg 2 Industrial Park in Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. Tilburg is one of the Netherlands’ logistics hot spots due to its strategic location close to the north-south and the east-west corridor. The city has excellent transport links by land, freight and waterways.

It can be easily accessed from all directions and is complemented by an excellent road system including the peripheral road A261; the A27 motorway, which connects the north and south, and the A58 motorway, a major arterial route connecting Rotterdam Harbour and the Belgian Port of Antwerp with the Ruhr Valley region in Germany.

Vossenberg 2 is situated on the Wilhelmina Canal and has its own barge terminal creating a direct connection to the Port of Rotterdam. The canal is currently being expanded to increase its capacity while a second container terminal is to be developed on the Vossenberg industrial park. By bringing containers over water to our doorstep, our inbound transport has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Tilburg is only 40 minutes drive away from Eindhoven Airport, which is one of the fastest growing airports in the Netherlands. By choosing Tilburg, our customers can be ensured that their operations can benefit from a continuously growing city and infrastructure on a well-facilitated location.

Other brands have also seen the possibilities this location gives them, and so the new facility is sharing the industrial area with European distribution centres of Tesla, Coca-Cola, Fuji, Samsung, Sony, Dell, Nokia, Coolblue and many others.

Facility and team.

  • Our current facility provides 70,000+ Sq. Ft. of high security storage – built with 6 segregated storage and operation areas, to incorporate multiple storage requirements. Configurable for 10,000+ pallet spaces and 50,000+ small item pick face locations
  • Flexible possibilities to setup high value or restricted areas
  • Management Team with 15+ years of Logistics Management in the local area doing European distribution and 3PL
  • Warehouse is managed using the Lean 6Sigma philosophy
  • The warehouse team has much experience and is fully trained handling ADR restricted goods like lithium batteries
  • Detached high secure facility with both on-site and off-site security provisions including a level 4 alarmsystem with 35 internal and external high surveillance cameras. Also the Industrial Park has 24/7 guarding and a separate guarded parking facility.
  • Current throughput capacity of 10,000 orders per day
  • Using a very flexible ERP/WMS to suite all customer requirements

Network optimisation.

  • Optimised NL location provides excellent Next Day delivery reach for major European locations.
  • Multiple, major carrier and logistics infrastructure located in the Vossenberg Industrial Parks, serving Benelux, Germany, France, UK and other European countries on time sensitive road based networks.
  • International Parcel Carrier gateway via Brussels provides later cut offs and the optimal transit times for Express international shipments across Europe.
  • With Tilburg centrally located within the Benelux region, it has close proximity to all major road network routes serving Distribution points and Retailers across Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the UK with daily road freight options serving Next Day deliveries for B2B distribution. The road network extends across the majority of Europe with additional transit times.

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