Earn revenue from MVR.

Did you know that MiFID II regulation became law in EU countries back on the 3rd January 2018!

The challenge

All financial transactions made via a phone call must be recorded and stored for five years. MiFID II regulation requires all communications that are intended to lead to a transaction to be recorded. Failure to comply could result in fines of up to 5% of global turnover!

The proposition

  • Data recorded securely on the device, NOT in the carrier network
  • The only ‘OS’ based mobile recording solution
  • Invisible to the user and tamper proof
  • Supports containerisation of email and apps through Samsung Knox
  • Works on Samsung devices only
  • MDM features and functionality for additional device control


Investment managers and advisors, stockbrokers, VC firms, discretionary investment managers (private client wealth managers), energy market participants, third country branches of UK financial services companies, retail financial advisors, all corporate finance business relating to the execution of a transaction and duty of care scenarios where records of communication are vital.


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