Doro – A brand for those who want to bring simplicity to their Smartphone without compromise.

Doro – A brand for those who want to bring simplicity to their Smartphone without compromise.

doroSeniors are digital immigrants, with varying exposure and interests in technology. Doro, global leader in the senior mobile market, develop products and services to enable seniors to join the smartphone world easily and without hesitation, giving them independence, empowerment and enjoyment.

Doro have always focused on ease of use when designing both feature phone and smartphone products, championing loud and clear sound with hearing aid compatibility, easy to read menu’s and font sizes and general ease of use from set up to charging and sending emails to downloading the latest must have app. Key features such as My Doro Manager, built-in step by step guides and start up wizards and conversational questionnaires enable users to easily learn at their own pace as well as ask for help if they need it. Ultimately connecting users with friends and family around the corner or across the globe.

The unique interface on the Doro Liberto® 825 and Doro 8030 truly means that your Smartphone thinks like you do. Users do not need to learn how to use a Smartphone, they simply need to think what it is they would like to do and following the on screen prompts. 80% of all actions can be accessed via the three main verbs ‘call, view and send’ on the homescreen of the device. All apps are still available to download from the Google Play Store; they sit within a folder called ‘My apps’ which can be placed as a shortcut on the homescreen. Up to four favourite apps or contacts can be saved to the homescreen for quick and easy navigation and calling, texting or emailing.

My Doro Manager enables trusted family and friends to access a Doro Smartphone, as well as some feature phones, to create and update contacts and events, share photos and apps as well as changing settings such as volume, screen brightness and numbers programmed into the assistance button. Designated helpers can also spot potential issues through a traffic light system, which flags red when a function has never been used, amber if a function has some points to note and green if everything is as expected. On the Doro device it guides the user by highlighting tutorials on how they can get more from their device, shows them recommended apps and photos sent to them by their family and of course managing their designated helpers.

80% of all actions can be accessed via the three main verbs

doroDock mode, which starts automatically when the device is placed in the charging cradle, turns the phone into a slideshow of your photographs, answers calls automatically on speakerphone so you can carry on with what you were doing and it can create a ‘do not disturb’ mode for when you are sleeping which disables all notifications and calls, but will allow numbers which the user has given permission to in the settings.

Doro feature phones come with core features of the Doro DNA, which includes volume and tone controls, and hearing aid compatibility which allows users to personalise their device to individual hearing requirements. Menu options such as adjustable font sizes and colour themes as well as the ability to hide unwanted features allow users to create a feature phone tailored to their use and preferences.

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