Doro DNA | When working environments call for something different.

So much of your customer’s working lives take place on mobile phones and the internet. It’s where your customers communicate with each other and interact with the outside world. That’s why Doro develops easy-to-use products and services that make it simpler to keep in touch while working in any environment.

Doro offers value-added consumer solutions in the form of easy-to-use phones with functions that facilitate everyday life.

Loud and clear sound

Some of your customer’s working environments can make it harder to hear their mobile phones. Doro’s loud and clear sound and the in-call volume boost means your customers can increase the volume by up to 20%, so all calls can be heard.



Assistance buttons

The assistance button allows easy access to your customer’s programmed numbers should they need help. Perfect for when they’re are working alone and in sometimes potentially dangerous situations. Once pressed, the assistance button will automatically dial and send an SMS alarm to your customer’s 5 preset contact numbers.



GPS Positioning combined with an assistance button

The built-in GPS functionality is a great way to keep your customers close network informed of their location when they press the assistance button in the case of an emergency. The assistance button will automatically dial and send an SMS alarm.



Visual ring indicator

Indicator light ensures your customers never miss a call or text again, especially in poor lit areas.




Hearing Aid Compatible

The majority of Doro phones are Hearing Aid Compatible so your customers will get loud and clear sound even if they are wearing their hearing device. The Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating is T4/M3.




Some Doro handsets come with a UCS power adapter, a USB detachable cable and a docking station. Thanks to the desktop charging cradle your customers will always know where their device is and that it’s charged. The cradle is perfect for anyone with limited hand mobility or partially sighted, as they won’t need to insert the connector into their mobile phone.



ICE (In case of emergency)

First responders can access medical information from your customer’s phone easily using the ICE function. Name; Birth; Height; Weight; Address; Language; Insurance. Contact 1, Contact 2 and Doctor: Condition; Allergies; Blood type; Vaccination; Medication; Other info, is all information that can be accessed in an emergency.


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