CubeiTz Data Security Encyption Platform Hits the High Street

CubeiTz Data Security hits the High Street with a unique new software program to fight Cybercrime.

Maplin have just rolled out the CubeiTz “Data Guard” data security product for the UK market as a feature product for 2016 across their 218 stores and On-line. Bournemouth based Company CubeiTz Ltd, have developed a new software program which ultimately uses 1,000,000 bits of encryption – making it 7000 x more secure than normal “secure banking” software.

Cloud Storage, as well as any device storage, is now easily encrypted using the ‘Drag & Drop’ interface, which is both fast and simple. Encryption – finally made easy!

A business platform is also ready for release, deliberately priced to allow smaller businesses to take advantage of this new technology. Encryption has long been the recognised and recommended solution to Cybercrime and Data Theft, but it was either too technical, too slow or too expensive – but no longer.

The CubeiTz data security encryption platform was written by one of the country’s leading cryptologists, Dave Duke, who has written programs for many Government departments, including GCHQ , MI6 as well as the Met. He is also one the experts regularly consulted by Channel 5s “The Gadget Show”. Dave estimated that to crack the CubeiTz encryption, even with the latest Quantum Computers, would take decades.

CubeiTz is the brainchild of Bournemouth businessman, Sean Kearney, who while looking for a new way of storing his ‘boxes’ of records wanted a way to share the information but with genuine security, but it had to be simple.

Cybercrime is constantly in the press with attacks on many big businesses as well as celebrities. Data theft is big business and normal technology has simply been left behind. Many television documentaries have highlighted the ease with which cyber hackers can breach security, steal or replace data causing potentially millions of pounds of damage. America’s NSA, NORAD and UK’s Ministry of Defence have all suffered serious and embarrassing cyber-attacks. “Ransomware” – recently used to devastating effect by the Russian based cartel using “Zeus Game Over” to corrupt data on PCs, steal money from accounts and blackmail owners of corrupted information, highlighted how insecure most systems truly are. Most recently several International celluloid stars were caught “in the buff” because they stored personal data in so called secure Cloud storage!

Dragons Den star Peter Jones CBE through his company Data Select Ltd (a Brandpath company) has become CubeiTz first major distributor. Several large international companies as well as international resellers have also been knocking at the CubeiTz door with data security in mind.

CubeiTz not only secures your stored data – wherever its kept but it also allows you to share it with friends. They will receive a unique “joint-key” downloaded, to allow access the shared information without any cost to them. Infinitely more secure than sending an Email and not limited by file size!

Soon to follow will be:
Mobile and Tablet versions
Chit Chat messaging and Video – (equally, 1,000,000 bit secured)

A range of business Apps will be available from the CubeiTz store which will all run inside the framework.(Currently with any encryption system it is necessary to decrypt any data to work on it, when finished, re-encrypt it and then store it. Uniquely CubeiTz will allow the user to create, edit and share their data inside the ultra-secure environment.)

Another first for British technology.

Download CubeiTz ‘Lite’ for free – Click here

For further information, visit CubeiTz or visit maplin

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