Crystalusion+ | Active Bacteria Protection for any device

Your customers take their smartphones everywhere. Their devices live in their pockets and purses, rubbing up against loose change, banknotes and numerous accumulate receipts. Your customers may even set their devices down on nearly any available surface – the kitchen counter, the table at a cafe, even the office desk. Your customers may even share their devices with others.

Not only do your customers use their devices to make calls, but also to share videos, play games, send emails and check social media.

Your customer’s smartphones are their constant companion, and their devices are exposed to many bacteria.

Germs thrive in warm places, and devices are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Not only does the bacteria get help from living on devices that generate their own heat, but from the user’s own warmth with smartphones and tablets spending time in people’s hands.

Crystalusion+ provides Active Bacteria Protection

Crystalusion+ is the world’s first active antipathogenic device sanitiser.

This product is a patented surface disinfectant that uses a completely new approach; a semi-permanent nanoscale layer of Crystalusion Liquid Glass. One application delivers up to 10 days active protection again pathogen recontamination – providing a safe, practical, user-friendly solution for device sanitation.

Crystalusion+ closes the hygiene gap that arises between smartphone disinfection cycles – enabling active infection control for an extended period.

The solution holds within it, antipathogenic agents that are released slowly whilst the surface is in place.

Each Crystalusion+ pack gives protection for up to 3 months.

How to apply

Cyrstalusion+ has one of the simplest application process of any device, it’s as simple as Apply, Clean, Dry.

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