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Reliably enable and facilitate business productivity

With enterprise apps, software and features, Cat smartphones are ready for business.

Cat’s rugged smartphones, including their new S42 H+, whose military-grade body has been injected with Addmaster’s Biomaster silver irons to help fight bacteria, supports Google’s Android Enterprise features.

Using these features and combined with an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, businesses can manage the devices used for work by their employees.

Businesses can secure their valuable or sensitive data, ensure devices are set up correctly to maximise utility and enforce policies to encourage and support employee productivity.

The S42 H+ is zero-touch enabled, and compatible with QR codes and NFC.

Android Enterprise Support

Cat’s rugged S42 H+ and the other smartphones in the range support Google’s Android Enterprise features.

Cat devices undergo a suite of Android Enterprise functionality tests, as well as a series of device enrolment and basic policy provisioning testing with leading EMM solutions. These include:

Easy Android Enterprise enrolment

The Cat S42 H+ and other Cat smartphones include support for various Android Enterprise enrolment methods, including EMM tokens, QR codes, and NFC. Every Cat smartphone, launched from 2018 onwards, also support Google zero-touch device enrolment.

Pre-loaded apps

Cat S42 H+ devices come with a limited number of pre-loaded apps. These include the Google mobile services app suite, which includes valuable apps such as Google Maps with free global turn-by-turn navigation, Gmail with in-built Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 support, Duo for video calling, and Keep for note-taking.

Cat phones also come pre-loaded with OfficeSuite from MobiSystems, so out of the box your customers can create, open, edit and share Microsoft Office-compatible documents and files.

OnGuard Solo auto-installed

Cat smartphones come with OnGuard Solo auto-installed. This sophisticated lone worker safety solution offers free use of tools to help notify colleagues or other emergency contacts if your customers are in danger or fail to respond to a check-in prompt. Premium features include automated ‘man-down’ fall detection and access to supervisory dashboards for managing the safety of teams of workers.

Relevant app discovery

Each Cat smartphone includes the Google Play store that contains a safe and ever-growing catalogue of applications to make your customer’s device work for them.

To aid better app discovery, Cat phones also offer a unique Toolbox app catalogue that acts as an alternative storefront for Google Play, presenting a curated selection of high-quality apps and content that are relevant to our users in an alternative, easy-to-navigate categorised listing.

Programmable key and Push-T0-Talk (PTT)

The Cat S42 H+ and other Cat devices in the range include a yellow programmable physical button on the side of the device. This can be set to perform a simple action such as waking the device or turning on the flashlight on a long press or double-tap. Or, it can be used to open a regularly used application on the device – perfect for providing quick access to business apps.

Alternatively, it can be set to PTT mode, and through various PTT solutions, configured to function as a walkie-talkie button. During initial set up, Cat phones users are offered Zello as an optional install. Zello offers a high-quality, free and easy-to-use, push-to-talk service, with enterprise features also available. Other PTT solutions are available from Google Play and from solution providers directly.

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