Capture life’s memorable moments in cinematic quality with the new foldable OSMO Mobile 3

DJI announced the latest addition to the renowned Osmo series, the Osmo Mobile 3, a portable, foldable mobile phone stabiliser.

The everyday stabiliser

Sleek design and highly mobile.

Weighing 405g, the Osmo 3 can be folded or unfolded within seconds making it portable, light, and easy to pack up or deploy. Your customers can now capture high-quality photos and videos easily while on the move.

Eliminate shake

Reducing shaky footage while delivering a super-smooth, stabilised image, the smartphone gimbal comes with a 3-axis gimbal. The combination of electronic image stabilisation (EIS) and gimbal stabilization makes it perfect for shooting hyper-lapse videos.

The tracking sensitivity and flexibility of the Osmo Mobile 3 has been greatly improved. The ActiveTrack 3.0 feature allows your customers to record fast-moving objects with ease.  They can simply tap the trigger once and begin tracking whilst the gimbal keeps the focal point of the captured footage centred.

Form follows function

The new design makes operation easy, a comfortable ergonomic handle fits perfectly into your customer’s palm while vital buttons and triggers are now at their fingertips.

Users can easily and quickly shoot from any angle with the M Button and Trigger. They can also access useful features including Quick Roll, which moves the docked phone from portrait to landscape without having to remove the device.

With just a single tap, users can pause videos, adjust gimbal balance, or switch between different shooting angles. This offers your customers more freedom, resulting in stunning creations.

One-Tap Templates

Your customers will benefit from the Story Mode feature, which provides multiple templates that will transform their footage in seconds by automatically adding movement, music and other effects for a polished result.

Cinematic flair

Dolly Zoom is a fantastic way to add an extra touch of cinematic flair to your customer’s footage. Thanks to a zoom slider that allows customisable speed, they can zoom in and out easily. The intelligent Sport Mode has been redesigned with fully optimised algorithms that let the Osmo Mobile 3 easily capture fast-paced action.


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