Brand TCL
Category Smartphone

Reliable Mesh Wi-Fi

LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi provides your customers a customisable, easy-to-set-up whole-location connection. Easy-to-manage, ultra-fast, dependable internet with no dead zones.

Placed throughout your premises to eliminate dead zones they provide boosted coverage and ultra-fast Wi-Fi to numerous devices.

MU-MIMO and Beamforming provide each connected device its own full-speed Wi-Fi connection, allowing several devices to use the network concurrently without slowing it down. The LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi is great for small businesses.

LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi System’s factory settings provide your customers rapid browsing, streaming, and productivity. Connecting any unit to Ethernet will automatically sync the units.

The mesh system’s TCL WIFI app simplifies network management. This will enable your customers to alter network access, passwords, or guest network.

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