Brand TCL
Category Smartphone
// Full-colour electronic Paper Display

Elevated eye comfort.
Enjoy easier viewing.

The TCL 40 NXTPAPER sets new standards in the smartphone world, offering a smartphone that cares for your customers’ eyes without compromising performance and style. Thanks to its anti-glare certification, it features an impressive 6.78″ NXTPAPER Display with FHD+ resolution, ensuring a clear view even in direct sunlight.

Are your customers worried about their eye health?

 The 40 NXTPAPER boasts multiple layers in the display that reduce harmful blue light by up to 61%.
Plus, it replicates the feel of paper, minus the smudges.

A solid performer too.

The 40 NXTPAPER goes beyond its stunning display, delivering reliable performance. With 8GB of physical RAM and an additional 8GB virtual RAM expansion, it offers up to 16GB of RAM for seamless multitasking. Your customers will also have ample storage with expandability of up to 2TB.

Why the TCL 40 NXTPAPER smartphone is an excellent choice for your customers

The TCL 40 NXTPAPER offers your customers bright and vibrant colours on a paper-like display.

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Actual product features and specifications (including but not limited to appearance, colour and size), as well as actual display contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, interface and icons) may vary by country. Please consult the point of sale for further information.