Brand Motorola
Category Smartphone
// Moto G31

A more enlightened display

The moto g31 with a 6.4″ Full HD+ OLED display lets your customers see the world in all its glory. With a triple camera system, they can take great images in any light and from any angle. With a powerful battery, they can keep running for hours on a single charge.

A beautiful 6.4″ screen helps bring your customers’ favourite movies, videos, and games to life on a bigger, brighter screen.

Stunning 50-megapixel resolution three-camera system. Your customers can capture their most important events with the finest details vividly in whatever light conditions.

Extremely responsive performance. Without skipping a beat, they may play spectacular games, broadcast movies, take photos, and communicate with their colleagues and friends.

Battery life is 36 hours. A 5000 mAh battery allows you to live life on the go without having to stop to recharge.

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