Brand Motorola
Category Smartphone
// Moto G22

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The Moto G22 is designed to do everyday activities in flair, with a sleek-yet-sturdy design. Improved privacy features and a redesigned user interface give your customer greater control over your smartphone experience, allowing them to focus on what matters.

With the 50MP quad camera system, they can create visual magic. Sharper low-light photographs, ultra-wide angle shots, professional-looking portraits, and breathtakingly detailed close-ups are all achievable. The 50 MP sensor combines four pixels into one, resulting in a picture resolution of 12.5 MP.

An ultra-wide, vibrant screen, enhances all your customers’ apps, games, movies, and video chats.

Android 12 puts them in charge. Increases their productivity with greater control and features a fully redesigned user interface.

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