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For all of your customers’ enterprise mobility needs.

As an approved HMD Nokia distributor based in the UK, Data Select is your go-to partner for a wide array of HMD Nokia products and more. Our commitment goes beyond distribution, offering complete mobile solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Partnering with HMD Nokia grants us access to the latest and most innovative products in their portfolio. Whether you’re in the market for a cutting-edge smartphone, a versatile tablet, or a rugged device built for toughness, we have you covered.

Our Range of HMD Nokia Products

As a distributor of HMD Nokia products, we provide a wide range to meet our customers’ needs, including;

HMD Nokia with Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution and Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) Devices

As an approved HMD Nokia distributor, we recognise the importance of delivering holistic solutions to our customers. That’s why we proudly offer a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution through our Mobile Solutions team, empowering your customers businesses to efficiently manage and secure their fleet of Android devices. With our MDM solution, your customers can ensure data protection, device security, and streamline device management processes.

In addition to MDM solutions, we provide access to HMD Nokia’s Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) devices. These devices adhere to Google’s strict standards for enterprise use, guaranteeing the highest level of security, reliability, and performance. Android Enterprise Recommended devices are crafted to enhance productivity, delivering a consistent and secure user experience.

By combining our MDM solution with Android Enterprise Recommended devices, we empower our customers to deploy and manage their Android devices seamlessly. This integration ensures a secure, efficient, and streamlined mobile experience for their workforce.

Choose Data Select to purchase HMD Nokia for your customers and experience complete mobile solutions that transcend traditional distribution services. Elevate your customers business with the latest devices, robust security, and efficient management solutions tailored to meet their unique requirements.