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Meet Google Pixel Watch 2

// Pixel Watch 2

The best of Fitbit and Google

Google Pixel Watch 2, engineered by Google and with the best of Fitbit.[1] Your customers can understand their health and fitness with Fitbit’s most advanced heart rate tracking.[2] They can see the best of Google at a glance, including Gmail and Calendar, and get peace of mind from personal safety features.[3] And keep going with even longer battery life.[4]

// Eco-system

Your customers will discover that Pixel devices are even better together

Google engineers its Pixel phones, tablets, watches and earbuds for a truly personalised customer experience.[5]

The Google Pixel Watch 2 can be paired with Android 9.0+ phones, including Pixel. Your customers can also pair Bluetooth® headphones to listen to music and, with the LTE-enabled option, make calls without their phone.

// Fitness with real-time support

Your customers can reach their goals faster with Pace Training

Lets your customers set pace goals when they’re running and they’ll get real-time feedback and motivational indicators to help them stay on target.[6]

// Fall Detection

A watch that knows what to do in an emergency

Notifies first responders if your customers have had a hard fall. Their watch connects to emergency services, and even auto-dials if they’re unresponsive.[7]

// Productivity

Google helps them stay connected and productive

Your customers can get things done, even on the go. They can respond to texts and emails, answer calls and listen to their favourite songs and podcasts from anywhere.[5]

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1. Works with most phones running Android 9.0 or newer and requires a Google Account, Google Pixel Watch app and Internet access. Some features require a Fitbit account and mobile app and/or a paid subscription. Google apps and services are not available in all countries or languages. See for technical and device specifications.

2. Some features may require Fitbit app. Accuracy of heart rate tracking may be affected by physiology, location of device and the user’s movements and activity.

3. Google apps and services are not available in all countries or languages. Data rates may apply. 3 Google apps and services are not available in all countries or languages.

4. Compared to first generation Google Pixel Watch.

5. Phone, Pixel Buds and Pixel Tablet sold separately. Fast Pair requires location to be enabled.

6. Some features require the Fitbit mobile app.

7. Fall Detection is not available in all countries and depends on network connectivity and other factors. The watch may not be reliable for emergency communications. Fall Detection may not detect all falls. To call emergency services on a Google Pixel Watch without 4G LTE, the paired phone must be nearby. Users must grant location permission for Fall Detection to share the location externally. Data rates may apply. See for more details.