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Introducing the new Google Pixel 8 series

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Pixel 8a

Tools to help your customers get the job done

The Google Pixel 8a is the latest addition to Google’s affordable Pixel lineup, offering a powerful and feature-rich experience at a reasonable price point built with your business in mind. Pixel is built with both businesses and AI at its centre, providing your customers with the productivity, security and support features that their business needs. The Google Pixel 8a has the premium features and technology that help you and your customer’s team do more without breaking the bank.

Pixel 8a

Built with business and Google AI at its centre, the Google Pixel 8a delivers productivity, security, and technology to help your customers work faster and smarter — without breaking the bank.

  • Chat with Gemini models to draft emails, enhance photos, and more to maximise workflows.
  • Circle to Search lets them quickly circle an image, text, or video right from an app and Google AI will find it fast.
  • Custom-built with Google Tensor G3, Pixel’s most powerful chip.
  • Comes with 7 years of security updates.
  • Pixel Call Assist helps your customers save time on the phone with Call Screen, Hold for Me, and more.


Pixel 8a specifications

Pixel 8

With its contoured edges and smaller size than Pixel 7, it feels great in your customers’ hands. It has a 6.2″ Actua display, which gives your customers real-world clarity and is 42% brighter than Pixel 7’s display. Pixel 8 features satin metal finishes and a polished glass back.


Pixel 8 specifications

Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 8 Pro’s 6.7″ Super Actua display features our brightest display yet. So even in direct sunlight, your customers will love how true-to-life their Ultra HDR images look. It also has a matte glass back with a polished aluminium frame.

On the back of the Pixel 8 Pro, a new temperature sensor lets your customers quickly scan an object to get its temperature. They can use it to check if their pans are hot enough to start cooking or if the milk in their baby’s bottle is at the right temperature.


Pixel 8 Pro specifications

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