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Introducing the Cat® S75

The phone that shrugs off anything that life throws at it, even loss of signal! The Cat S75 is the most reliable phone ever from Cat Phones.

Why your customers need a satellite-enabled CAT phone?

We’ve all lost signal. At best, it’s irritating and inconvenient. At worst, it’s life or death.

With Bullitt-powered connectivity in your customers’ pockets, they can wave all that frustration and anxiety goodbye.

Live, work, and play off-grid: the sky’s the limit.

Wilderness? Undaunted.

Exploring the world their way, with the CAT S75 as a reliable lifeline in their pockets. Its satellite coverage keeps your customers firmly on the grid even if they’re off the edge of the map, so they can stay in touch with the people that matter while hiking, biking or skiing in the most remote and awe-inspiring places.


Dropped? Unharmed

Your customers can wave goodbye to cracks and dents: drop-tested onto steel from 1.8m, the nigh-on indestructible CAT S75 handsets work and play as hard as they do. Because whether they’re rocking a festival or breaking rocks on a construction site, they deserve a phone that’s truly life-proof.

Submerged? Unscathed.

Your customers can take pictures under the sea or in the pool with this genuinely waterproof underwater camera. In fact, we’re so confident that the CAT S75 is still protected under warranty if they’ve been five metres deep for up to 45 minutes. How many phone manufacturers can say that?

Malfunctions? Unheard of.

Your customers can choose a phone that won’t let them down. Ever. Reliable, rugged and ready for anything, the Cat S75 keeps out sand, dust, dirt, works in extremes of temperature and humidity, and shrugs off whatever life throws at it. It doesn’t just meet the highest military-grade standards: it exceeds them.

Access: Unrestricted.

Use the CAT S75’s satellite capabilities to unlock a whole new world of always-on connectivity. Check in, share your location, and send messages from remote places where you’d normally hunt for hours to get one-bar service. Don’t settle for less: satellites can do so much more than call SOS.

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