Brand CAT
Category Rugged
// CAT S42 H+

Fight Dirty. Choose Silver.

With the Cat S42 H+, we went above and beyond the rugged phone design that you’ve come to expect from a Cat phone. We strengthened the Cat S42’s IP69-rated, military-grade body with silver ions that suppress bacterial growth. So, no matter how dirty things get, your clients’ phones will always be there.

For the first time, all the exterior components have been combined with a silver ion-based antibacterial additive for superior Germ Defense (ISO22196), ensuring the safety of your customers, their colleagues, and their families.

Designed for customers who want more from their smartphone. The Cat S42 H+ combines a rugged phone with antibacterial silver ions. Making it the ideal solution for those who operate in hygiene sensitive areas. The S42 H+ is their ideal partner.

Reliable equipment can make the difference between life and death. That’s why we mix IP69/IP68 military grade housing with silver ions to provide your consumers with a rugged phone that’s tough on bacteria.

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