Brand CAT
Category Rugged
// CAT B40

The Tough Choice

The Cat B40 is an industrial-strength, professional-grade, military-spec 4G LTE feature phone. Talk and text functions are simple to operate, and the device has a non-slip frame, glove-friendly push buttons, an alpha-numeric keyboard, a blazing bright flashlight, and an abundant battery.

The Cat B40 has an ingress rating of IP68 and IP69, which is unusual for a feature phone at this budget. What’s so tough about this phone? Actually, quite a bit. Drop it and it will bounce; accidently drop it in water or powerwash it if necessary, and it will keep going.

Built to withstand the rigours of the construction, farming, forestry, plumbing, airport and distribution industries. The Cat B40 delivers essential reliability, allowing employees to flourish in the harshest of environments.

For the first time, all exterior components of this product have been combined with a silver ion-based antibacterial additive for superior Germ Defense (ISO22196), ensuring the safety of your customers, their coworkers and their families.

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