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// Samsung Chromebook 4

Sleek and compact

The Samsung Chromebook 4 boasts an 11.6″ HD display designed to impress. The anti-glare screen means your customers can enjoy vibrant, crystal clear images even on a bright day.

Samsung Chromebook 4 is surprisingly light – just 1.18 kg – so your customers can carry it, and they’ve got durable construction protecting it from the rough and tumble of daily life.

Your customers can enjoy Gigabit Wi-Fi everywhere in the house. Intel wireless hardware support for Gigabit Wi-Fi lets them browse the internet, stream videos and listen to music faster.

Fast, easy connections. The highly compatible Samsung Chromebook 4 is equipped with a USB-C type port and is small and easy to connect to a whole host of devices. Your customers can transfer files faster than ever before!

Ready. Set. Google. With built-in access to all your customers’ favourite Google Play Store apps and the latest superfast Wi-Fi compatibility, Samsung Chromebook 4 is the perfect Google companion. It comes loaded with all things Google – including their own secretary: Google Assistant.

Samsung Chromebook 4 has a battery that is designed to keep going for hours and hours on end. So whether your customers are doing that all-important task or watching a movie, they don’t have to worry about running out of juice.

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