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// Samsung Chromebook 4

Larger screen, clearer viewing

The device’s bigger screen reduces the strain on your customers’ eyes, boosting comfort for a variety of tasks. Its Full HD display lets them lose themselves in immersive content. A thin bezel and large screen compliment its eye-catching design.

Solidity design
Its slim body is easy to grip and its convenient build means you can use it anywhere – on the sofa, in bed or at your desk. With premium metal on its top, its design is bound to turn heads. Its sturdy metal casing protects it from many kinds of wear and tear.

Easy and fast connectivity
The Samsung Chromebook 4+ is equipped with USB-C type ports. Its compact build and high compatibility make it easy for your customers to connect to a wide variety of devices. With ports on both the left and right sides, they can charge their device and work with external hardware at the same time.

Wide touchpad
The Samsung Chromebook 4+ features a 5.7″ touchpad for delicate control. The wider touchpad lets you make longer, unbroken mouse strokes – for enhanced usability.

Ergonomic keycaps
The Samsung Chromebook 4+’s keyboard is comfortable and precise. Its ergonomically-designed, curved keycaps deliver seamless, relaxed typing for much longer.

Getting more done with just their voice
The Google Assistant lets your customers work smarter and faster. They can use their voice to send mail, play music, find information and control smart home devices. They’ll get more done, faster and enjoy their downtime in style with the Samsung Chromebook 4+ and Google Assistant.

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