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Meet the new Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6

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A new era of business powered by Galaxy AI

Introduce your customers to Samsung business smartphones with even more to offer. Yes, they have larger screens than previous Samsung Foldables. Yes, the cameras are more advanced than the Galaxy Z Fold5 or Galaxy Z Flip5. But one thing makes these phones truly special – they can make your customers’ entire working life more productive, efficient and ultimately, more enjoyable. With AI-enabled business apps optimised for Foldables – smooth working meets next-level multitasking.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 | Z Flip6 Hero

Meet Galaxy Z Fold6

The Galaxy AI  experience – in your customers’ pocket[1]

For the forward-thinking business professionals seeking to transform their productivity and efficiency with the cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6. Customers can open their Galaxy Z Fold6 and unleash more possibilities with the power of Galaxy AI[1].

This innovative device is not just a smartphone. It’s an AI workstation that fits right in their pockets. Now they can manage multiple tasks simultaneously – and do them easily, thanks to the phone’s wide, unfolding screen.

They can streamline their work processes, enhance their communication and gain knowledge effortlessly, thanks to advanced Galaxy AI features like Live Translate[2], Transcript Assist[3] and Note Assist[3]. Plus, with Circle to Search with Google[4], they’ll enjoy a fresh and more convenient way to explore information. Whether checking emails, browsing the web or jotting down notes with the S Pen[5], the Multi-Window feature allows them to do it all at once.


Meet Galaxy Z Flip6

The Stylish, AI-Packed, real pocket-size Smartphone

If your customers are professionals who like to get great work done in style, then the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 could be the device they’re looking for. This latest generation of foldable offers the convenience and sleek design of a compact smartphone that fits in their pockets, coupled with the latest AI-enabled business features[6]. Whether they’re connecting with colleagues, customers, or suppliers in their native language or capturing content, they can fold the Galaxy Z Flip6 on the table and continue with their tasks hands-free.


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[1] Available AI features may differ by model. Samsung account login is required for certain AI features. [2] Samsung account login is required. Available in 16 languages from launch. [3] Samsung account login is required. Requires network connection. [4] Samsung account login is required. Requires network connection. Availability of search functions and its supported apps may vary by country, language and device. Results may vary depending on visual matches. Samsung account login may be required for certain AI features. [5] Sold separately. [6] Available AI features may differ by model. Samsung account login is required for certain AI features.