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// Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Now your customers can unfold the incredible with the PC in their pocket.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 unfolds to an incredible 7.6″ display, giving your customers plenty of space to view their work at its best. It’s built to last with increased durability. And it’s designed to perform with a faster processor and longer-lasting battery. Plus, with multi-window letting them work across three apps simultaneously, they can multi-task like never before. Need to take notes and reply to emails while they are watching a webinar? No problem, they can do it all with the Galaxy Z Fold5. And with the zero-gap hinge, it folds flatter than ever-meaning it can slip easily into their pockets or bags.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is the phone that stands out in their hand and helps them stand out in business.

// Maximised Productivity

Unfold new levels of productivity

Your customers can become productivity powerhouses with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. They can access their most important work apps in an instant with the new optimised taskbar. And with multi-window letting them work on three apps at the same time across the unfolded screen[1], they’ll be able use it their way. They could be messaging colleagues, using the S Pen[2] to annotate documents with GoodNotes[3] and taking snaps to liven up a presentation – all at the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking. Plus, with enhanced drag and drop between apps, it’s never been easier for them to share work and content on the go.

[1] May need to be activated by Samsung Labs in settings. [2] S Pen sold separately. [3] Separate app subscriptions required.

// Design

Zero gap hinge

Unfold stunning

Opening up superior style and design. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is built to stand out in your customers’ hands but slip easily into their pockets – making it easier for them to work on the move. The zero-gap hinge means the impressive 7.6″ display folds easily into Samsung’s slimmest, lightweight, portable Z Fold phone[1], making it easy to carry anywhere. So, they can view content or present work on the tablet-sized screen, then fold it up and keep on working between meetings. The Galaxy Z Fold5 also has a smooth, flush S Pen case[2], making it easier and more convenient for your customers to get it out quickly when they need to write notes or drag and drop content between windows.

[1] Compared against Galaxy Z Fold4. [2] S Pen sold separately.

// Durability

Durable materials

Built to last

Your customers can work confidently with a tough, foldable phone. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is designed for standout style, superior performance and increased resilience. Super tough Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2 and Armour Aluminium provide robust protection, meaning it’s more than capable of surviving the accidental drops, bumps and scrapes that come with busy working life. It also features IPX8[1] water resistance, so they don’t need to worry about getting their phone out in the rain, or clumsy colleagues knocking a drink over it.

[1] Submersion in up to 1.5m of freshwater for up to 30min (no advised for beach or pool use).

// Enhanced Performance

See more, do more

They can work and play with the phone that works harder

Your customers can be at their best with a phone that really performs. With a 7.6″ display, and reduced crease[1], the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 offers a truly immersive, wide-screen viewing experience. It’s perfect for communicating with clients or colleagues—with Flex Mode, they can easily join a Teams call, take notes with the S Pen[2] and share work all at the same time. Of course, if they want to unwind and watch a movie on their commute, or scroll through social media in their downtime, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is built for both work and play. The front camera even disappears from view for greater immersion.

// Enhanced Performance

Business level performance

Two phones in one

Your customers can power through a day of business, and then take a little time for themselves. With a super powerful processor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is built to help them speed through tasks. The enhanced battery performance means it keeps up with their busiest working day[1]. Plus, with dual SIM and Secure Folder, they can use the Galaxy Z Fold5 as their work phone and their personal device. They can just switch SIMs at the end of the day and relax into their downtime. So, they can catch up with clients, share work with their teams, and then relax in the evening with music, games or whatever helps them unwind—with plenty of power for play as well as work.

[1] Typical value tested under third-party laboratory conditions. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

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