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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ and Tab S9 FE models provide essential entertainment, expressive creativity, and seamless productivity whenever inspiration strikes. With two great portable and robust devices to select from, your customers can take full advantage of the versatility of the Tab S9 FE series.

// Galaxy Tab S9+ FE

Galaxy Tab S9+ FE

With its larger, sharper display, measuring 12.4″, it is sure to keep everyone’s focus, and the adaptive refresh rate ensures that streaming is exceptionally smooth. Additionally, your customers will be able to express their creative sides and take notes with the S Pen, whatever their professions demand.

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// Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Galaxy Tab S9 FE

This is the tablet your customers have been waiting for. They will discover a bright, crisp 10.9″ display big enough to hold their attention and they will find streaming is super smooth, thanks to the adaptive refresh rate. Also, the S Pen allows users to take notes or get creative, depending on where their mood or job role takes them.

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