Brand Alcatel
Category Smartphones
// Alcatel 1B 2020

A smooth experience with Android Go

With the Alcatel 1B’s Quad-Core CPU and Android 11 (Go edition), your customers will enjoy quicker multitasking and greater storage. The Google Assistant Button gives them immediate assistance. The 5.5″ HD+ display on the Alcatel 1B can take it all.

The Alcatel 1B’s battery lasts all day and is cordless. With a 3000mAh battery, you can converse for 39 hours, watch movies for 8 hours, and listen to music for 32 hours.

Smoother Android: The Alcatel 1B has been optimised and is leaner, and now runs Android 11 (Go edition), giving you twice the storage space to take more images, listen to more music, and download more apps. Because there are fewer preloaded programmes on Android 11 Go, it uses less storage space. The built-in data manager assists users in preserving and managing data. Google Play safeguards apps and data.

A built-in Smart Manager can optimise your phone’s battery, memory, and applications, and the energy conservation mode can control how much power your customers use.

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