BlackBerry® KEY2 LE – An Icon for All

The latest in the BlackBerry KEY Series

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE features an iconic BlackBerry keyboard that enables typing with accuracy and precision that is perfect for the modern messenger. A sleek, u-shaped design and three distinct colour options – slate, champagne, and atomic* – make for a more expressive device built for communicators, while the newly designed soft textured back feels great in-hand and makes it much less likely to slip.


Enhanced Privacy You Control – Your phone. Your data.

Take control of your privacy.  The BlackBerry KEY2 LE delivers important privacy features you need, enabling you to manage what personal information is shared — like your location, pictures, and texts – and when it is shared.


Discretion and privacy are at your fingertips thanks to the Locker app that gives you the power to instantly store and protect photos, conceal apps and files and keep sensitive data under your control.  The Locker app also includes Firefox Focus™ private browsing that auto-deletes browsing history upon exiting. Your Locker can only be accessed with the fingerprint sensor or your password, so you know it is in safe hands.


Legendary commitment to security from BlackBerry continues on the BlackBerry KEY2 LE with a built-in DTEK™ by BlackBerry privacy monitoring app, privacy screen, and monthly security updates from Android, all delivered to ensure you have the power to protect your privacy, right out of the box.


Productivity:  Dedicated apps, keys, and features that help people achieve more throughout their busy day

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE has all the features you need to manage your work, travel, and personal life on the go. This includes support for dual personal accounts and business ready software that makes it easier to manage all aspects of your life.


The BlackBerry KEY2 LE includes the Speed Key, enabling shortcut access to a number of functions on your device at any time. No longer do you have to return to the home screen of your smartphone or search in an app folder to access the apps, contacts and functions you use and communicate with most. Just press the Speed Key along with any of your customisable 52 shortcuts to instantly access your frequently used apps, call a favourite contact, or access other immediate functions, saving valuable little moments throughout your day.


The BlackBerry KEY2 LE is the first BlackBerry with dual account management built in to enable you to separately manage both personal and professional social media profiles on apps like Facebook®, and Instagram™.  This allows for easier management and sharing of separate accounts on one device while enhancing user privacy. And for those with dual SIM enabled, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE will also support dual WhatsApp® and other apps that require unique numbers.


BlackBerry KEY2 LE also comes loaded with BlackBerry® Hub which brings all your messages into one consolidated place – including emails, texts and messages from almost any social media account; including WhatsApp.

Reliability: Power to get you through the day with enhanced battery features to ensure you are always in charge.

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE features a powerful and efficient Qualcomm® Snapdragon processor and battery that can stay powered through a full day and often into a second day of use (22 hours of mixed usage).

With contextual battery reminder, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE will learn from your daily charging habits and calendar appointments to recommend when to charge so you have the battery power to get through important meetings, trips, and events. Never get caught out again with suddenly needing to charge before going flat.

Qualcomm Quick Charge® 3.0 enables up to 50 percent charge in just 36 minutes. Turbo charge your battery and get power fast, to do more, when you need it most.


Business Ready: Confidently select, deploy and manage your secure BlackBerry devices at work

  • BlackBerry® Secure™ Android mobile experience
  • Hardware level security, vulnerability mitigation, hardened Android container for out of the box EMM integration without additional costs or the need for special licenses
  • Part of the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) program which helps you cut down on support costs and spend less time deploying and servicing devices
  • Zero-touch enrollment allows IT to deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk without having to manually setup each device. Users just open the box and start using the device with management, apps and configurations all set


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* Champagne and Atomic colours TBC. Delivery dates for Slate TBC. 

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