Professional Recommendation and Managed Services

As part of our 5 Stages approach, we offer our Professional Recommendation Service for MDM and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) deployments and Managed Services options.
Successful Deployments

Many of our resellers will have great opportunities for MDM and EMM, but need support in fully capturing the opportunity requirements, whilst testing and proving the concept that in turn leads to a commitment and live deployment.


Deployment options

Part of a successful device management project is the deployment. For years, much of this process was done manually and was time-consuming. Methods are now available that significantly reduce deployment times and touchpoints, enhancing further capabilities for businesses while lowering costs. It is also essential to understand the extension of standards from Google with Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise is an industry-standard laid out by Google for hardware vendors who wish to manufacture Android devices and contains defined criteria of API’s set as a minimum accepted standard. This is reflected in all major MDM propositions making use of the same standards for a seamless deployment and user experience.

As an example, hardware vendors that now support Android Enterprise would guarantee seamless enrolment on to SOTI. An Android Enterprise device could now be enabled with SOTI for remote control, whereas previously this was limited to a few devices.

Enrolment (KME) – Samsung devices only.

This method also removes the need for users to manually enrol into the MDM.

To make use of KME, you will need to set up a Knox account. Once this has been approved, then a list of the IMEI’s to be approved by Samsung and your reseller ID will need to be given to us.

Like Apple’s DEP or Samsung KME, zero-touch is an enabling tool to provision MDM such as SOTI.

Zero-touch is only supported on approved Android 8.0 (Oreo) devices onwards.

These options all add to the collaborative nature of evolving device management solutions and it is important therefore, to be working with a partner that understands the technical options, permutations and processes for optimising deployments.


Managed Services

We provide a portfolio of fulfilment, staging and configuration services from our Distribution Centre.

Managed - Physical

  • Dedicated, segregated areas in our distribution centre
  • Restickering, relabelling, palletisation, reboxing, sleeves
  • Asset tagging
  • Export documentation preparation
  • Device flashing, app loading, configuration, software flashing, image management, pre-programming and testing
  • Bundling and kitting
  • Bespoke packaging and customisation/localisation
  • Warehousing and fulfilment

Managed - Technical

  • MDM staging and configuration
  • Technical staging
  • Device charging
  • Connection to the internet
  • Downloading of apps and MDM agents
  • IMEI uploads for KME and zero-touch
  • Device and apps/agents required for testing
  • Video approval for timings and quoting
  • Delivery and consumables