We range Parrot to provide B2B resellers with access to a range of commercially focused drones, aimed firmly at the business and enterprise markets. Whether you serve the agricultural, construction, public safety or real estate sectors, we have a drone capable of meeting the specific needs of each sector.


Anafi Thermal

The thermal-imaging drone that’s
revolutionising the way people work


Anafi Work

The 4K ultra-compact drone
solution for every business


Parrot Bluegrass Fields

The end-to-end drone
solution for agriculture

Industry sectors

  • Public safety

    No more risks to human life. Thanks to Parrot your customers can delegate the most dangerous assignments and no longer risk lives when undertaking difficult work.

  • Agricuture

    Monitoring crops and orchards from the sky and identifying the needs of each plot of land. Parrot offers many solutions adapted to agricultural activity by optimising processes and reducing expenses.

  • Construction

    Innovative turnkey solutions. Parrot offers many alternatives for supporting construction professionals in their 3D modeling assignments for construction sites and other tasks.

  • Real estate

    3D modeling to promote sites and real estate. Parrot assists real estate professionals in modeling and animation, as well as in the use of 3D mockups.

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