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Supporting Comm-Tech Voice & Data’s Business Connectivity Event.

Supporting Comm-Tech Voice & Data’s Business Connectivity Event. Norfolk has recently seen a highly successful event hosted by industry leading telecommunications and IT service experts Comm-Tech and their ...


One Platform Connecting Everything

SOTI ONE is an integrated suite of mobility solutions. Each solution works on its own to solve one of today’s business challenges, but working together, they help you reinvent your business to meet the challeng...


Introducing the new Galaxy A8

Designed to take you further. Security, style, performance and an impressive camera. Everything you need to equip your teams, and help them to succeed. There’s fingerprint and face recognition to keep access pe...


Argos is targeting busy parents with its new advertising campaign

Argos on its mission to be known for more than just price The retailer wants to build an “emotional connection” with customers through its new campaign and better leverage its relationship with Sainsbury’s to ...

Consumers say access to in-store mobile technology improves their shopping experience

Consumers Demand Self-Service and Mobile Technology to Enhance the Shopping Experience

SOTI survey finds shoppers are embracing in-store innovations as connected retail takes hold Consumers have welcomed technology into the shopping experience and are more likely to return to retailers that offer...


Content Market For Virtual, Augmented Reality Hits $3 Billion

It’s still not massive, but the virtual and augmented reality market continues to show significant signs of life. The global market for VR and AR content grew 72% last year, reaching $3 billion, based on a new ...


A new JPEG format for virtual reality

Why do virtual reality headsets make users nauseous? One reason is latency or the almost imperceptible amount of time it takes for a display image to change in response to a user’s head movement. The Joint Phot...


Mobile Solutions Support Executive Wanted

Mobile Solutions Support Executive Wanted We have a Mobile Solutions portfolio of products and services all designed to increase attachment and revenue to the sales of smartphones and tablets. These services in...


Becoming a dab hand at branding

Getting your brand right is absolutely vital. …but it’s not a case of setting it and forgetting it – the best brands are those that can evolve Visual identity can have a fundamental impact on how any busi...

Government strategy backs UK cybersecurity businesses to take services global EliteBusinessMag.co_a5920c21bb3d8ebe3da3687e1f9e6fea

Government strategy backs UK cybersecurity businesses to take services global

Amidst growing concern of online threats, a new government initiative dubbed the cybersecurity export strategy is set to take services of Britain’s digital defence businesses overseas As part of a 2017-2018 sur...

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4 ways compsec pros protect their computers

Computer and network security: Everyone knows they should be doing it better, but no one really knows all the best ways to do it. The computer security profession is a large and varied one, so — obviously — opi...