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Mobile Device Management MDM

Mobile Device Management

5 Stages to the successful sale and deployment of Mobile Device Management (MDM). We have made it easier to achieve success with the deployment of an MDM solution, whilst giving your salespeople the confidence ...


Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Introducing the Galaxy S9 and S9+ Today, business is more agile than ever. People need to switch on anytime and anywhere. To mix work and life seamlessly. To constantly rethink and adapt. So, to meet these e...


Brands are already applying XR’s immersive capabilities to bring us closer to content

Extended reality will call for an end of distance as we know it Extended Reality (XR) – encompassing the full spectrum of augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences – has moved beyond novelty. SXSW 2018 w...


Raising the Bar for Smartphone Displays, Galaxy S9 Earns DisplayMate’s Highest-Ever A+ Grade

The results of DisplayMate Technologies’ comprehensive evaluation of the Galaxy S9’s Infinity Display are in. The world’s leading evaluator of screens has concluded that Samsung’s latest flagship is equipped wi...


Smart Farming

The future of IoT and agriculture: Designing smart agriculture technologies Due to the coming wave of new Internet of Things (IoT) technology and its’ ability to improve the lives of both businesses and consume...


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