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Since 1999, we have grown with our customer’s, year-on-year into one of the UK’s leading end-to-end mobile and tech solutions providers. We focus on delivering a complete product supply chain service to the UK’s leading B2B, online and retail customers, as well as some of the world’s leading brands.

Platinum Club is our B2B centric partner programme that has become industry renowned since its inception in 2007. Supported by the world’s leading mobile and tech brands, the programme has grown and now supports over 100 of the UK’s leading B2B resellers with a benefits package aimed to leverage the latest in mobile tech.

Some of our partners & clients include

Why Platinum Club?

An industry first, Platinum Club was launched in October 2007, offering a ‘virtual direct’ relationship for the UK’s leading B2B resellers with Tier 1 mobile and companion product brands.

Membership to the Platinum Club is by invitation only and is limited to B2B resellers who demonstrate commitment in advancing their B2B business. In exchange, we deliver a compelling set of commercial, product and marketing rewards, fully supported by the likes of Alcatel, BlackBerry, Sony, Samsung and many more brands.

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New Device
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